an unparalleled experience unlike anything that exists

dive deep into the astrology in each of your human design centers

because Saturn in your sacral is a totally different energy than Venus in your sacral and will affect your health, your relationships, and your business differently

and you need to understand these energies so that you can access the frequencies for your highest timeline

your unique energy revealed

your root center...

Stress, burnout, pressure, overwhelm. We’ve all experienced them. 

It’s not about eliminating these reactions, it’s about understanding our unique responses to them.

When we own our stress response, we open up new potentials in our drive, our ambition, and our accomplishments.

This is where we take responsibility for our own success and tap into the the flow and frequencies that make achieving your goals a source of abundance, ease, and joy.

your splenic center...

your fears, intuition, body, and vitality are held in your splenic center.

fears will keep you small and prevent you from achieving your goals, your dreams, and your desires as a form of self protection.

Letting fears rule your body can cloud your intuitive capabilities.

Understanding your splenic codes helps you clear away the cobwebs, alchemize your fears, and tap into your innate intuition.

 Align with your inner self, your soul, your highest intuitive body so that you can learn to trust yourself again. Your body will never lead you down the wrong path…you just have to hear it first!


your sacral center...

your exhaustion is merely a symptom of not using your energy in a way that FEEDS your soul.

You let guilt drive you life decisions and overworking drive you to the brink of burnout.

Understanding your sacral codes unlocks pure life flow, joy, radiance, passion, and energy.

This is life force energy…and it is PRECIOUS. 

Thriving is the new norm so that you can radiate fulfillment and vitality from the inside out.