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your soul, alive

Take a moment to imagine waking up EXCITED to tackle your to-do’s for the day. Maybe it’s brunch with your besties before leading your mastermind call with a group of the most badass goddess warriors. You grab your cup of cacao (or coffee…what tickles your fancy?) and you’re on fire to start your day.

Gone are the days of the Sunday Scaries & paycheck to paycheck living.

hello sweet, juicy alignment that feels good...

You are in your soul work, creating global impact and living the “OMG is this really my life?” feeling every day.

because inside my 1:1 container

we use your success and prosperity astrological & human design placements to create the ultimate foundation for business. One that radiates your unique essence so that you can stand out from the millions of business accounts online and become the go-to guru in your field. 

Building a business in alignment with your design means mapping out your one-of-a-kind strategy for content, branding, and marketing, speaking directly to the kinds of dreamy clients who have been waiting their whole lives to find you.

we're here for maximum success with minimal effort

for the audacious mystic, dreamer, healer, & visionary...

…who is ready to welcome their vision board into their everyday reality. Quantum creation of hitting $10k+ months through applying your Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury placements when marketing your distinct and soulfully created offers, making the daydream of receiving payments while you sleep your new norm.

breathe life into your soul through your Astrology & human design blueprint

Inside of my 1:1 coaching container, we use your bespoke DNA codes to get you from dreaming about your Bali Retreat & selling out your signature course with soulmate clients…to making it your REALITY. It’s from this space that you begin unlocking the portals that initiate you into success, wealth, joy, fulfillment, and vitality.

I’m here to be your guide, to help you step into your power and become the audacious queen that you already are, claiming the 6-figure global impact that you’re craving.

my support makes this possible through:

The investment:

$999 per month for 12 months or $11,111 PIF

sound familiar?

You watch your dreamy mentor making aligned power moves in business, so you try to copy & paste her strategy, but yet something still feels….off. 

You’re not getting the same results, inquiries, and vibes as you thought you would. 

But here’s the secret sauce…

You're not meant to do it like HER. You're here to do it like you.

Whether it’s reaching your first 6-figure year, growing your brand and becoming the go-to expert in your field on the Socials, or planning and launching your most lucrative, aligned offers, your astrology & human design show you EXACTLY how to do it. 

your codes are literally your unique map to wild success one can do it like you...

The keys to your DNA are waiting for you to take the wheel so they can skyrocket you directly into the hearts and souls of your global online dreamy clients who are in your DMs shouting, “Shut up and take my money already”.


What's included


years of experience in coaching


clients helped throughout career

confidence, income, & impact



making your business an extension of your energy

Building a business that is AUTHENTICALLY YOU is about the synthesis of many pieces of your chart. We look at energy aura type, the energy of centers, gates, and channels, your Incarnation Cross gates, centers, signs, and houses, and your Rising/MC energies.

Understanding & synthesizing these placements makes you stand out from the other 200 million business accounts on Instagram instead of just being wallpaper at a wild party. 

your ideal client & customer journey

No more throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. You have clients that are literally twiddling their thumbs just waiting to find you and hang on your every word.

Tapping into your auric energy, your defined and undefined centers, and your descendent sign, gate, and center, we can learn exactly how to draw those clients into your world like moths to an irresistible flame.

what stands in the way

Our subconscious likes to be a little trickster sometimes and prevent us from actualizing our dreams all in the name of keeping us safe.

Through our work together, we uncover the parts of your subconscious that may be trying to hold you back and keep you small; the places where you hold insecurity, shame, and fear.

Synthesizing your Unconscious Jupiter, Lilith, Unconscious Mars, and Chiron signs, houses, gates, and centers gives us an idea of how to stand tall and adjust our crown when these invisible tricksters come out to play.

quantum expansion

Once we have some structural foundations under our belts, it’s time to get our frequencies and bodies in check. 

Sipping cocktails poolside after some client calls doesn’t just come because you cross your fingers and squeeze your eyes shut in hopes that all your dreams will come true.

It’s about the mastery of your subtle & soma in a way that’s REALISTIC & expansive to you. This is where the magic happens. This is where quantum leaps become possible. All because you know yourself beyond comparison as a master of your cosmic blueprint.

Welcome to your empire, Queen.

client love